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Mission: Trinity River Mission (TRM) provides educational and social opportunities that inspire K-12 students and their families to dream, believe, and achieve.


Trinity River Mission (hereafter “TRM”) is a 501(c)(3) volunteer-based community learning center serving the intergenerational education needs of children, youth, and families in West Dallas. TRM began in the early 1960s by a devoted group of volunteers, led by Donna Graham, to help in the relocation of Native Americans from Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Various church and civic groups later joined in to provide spiritual ministry, food, clothing, transportation, and educational assistance, with Dr. Don and Mrs. Rose Marie Benton of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church eventually taking over the reins. In 1988, TRM became an independent 501(c)(3) organization.

Primary Focus

Since 1988, TRM’s focus has been to promote literacy, augment academic skills, and develop educational success among children, youth, and families, with the understanding that language proficiency and educational achievement opens doors to satisfying jobs and productive futures. TRM services the needs of all children without regard to race or ethnicity. At present, however, TRM’s program participants are overwhelmingly Hispanic because of the agency’s location in West Dallas.


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