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Chief Executive Officer/Tutor and Mentor: Dolores Sosa Green, M. Ed.
Dolores Sosa Green, M. Ed, has over 22 years of progressive experience in the non-profit sector. She has been at Trinity River Mission (TRM) for over 11 years. Her background includes agency administration, personnel management and program development. She oversees the day-to-day operations of TRM. Before joining TRM in 2005, she worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas for 11 years in varying capacities. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University, a Master of Education in Counseling and Student Services from the University of North Texas, and Nonprofit Management Certification from the Center for Nonprofit Management.
Tastylia (Tadalafil) Buy 20 MG
214-744-6774 ext. 102

Program Director: Gloria Lopez
214-744-6774 ext. 115

Director of Grants and Donor Strategy: Cari Catts

Marketing and Events Director: Michelle Mora-Lopez
214-744-6774 ext. 109

Facility/IT Director: Rafael Reyes
214-744-6774 ext. 103

Outreach Manager: Deisy Martinez
214-744-6774 ext. 107

Receptionist: Julie Salas
214-744-6774 ext. 101

Education Manager: Jazmine Lewis
214-744-6774 ext. 106

Education Assistant Manager: Lindsay Nickell
214-744-6774 ext. 104

Education Specialist: Alan Lopez
214-744-6774 ext. 104

Children’s/Tutor Program Assistant Manager: Crystal Mendez
214-744-6774 ext. 110

Children’s/Tutor Program Specialist: Kenneth Shepherd
214-744-6774 ext. 110

Youth and Alumni Manager: Amber Green
214-744-6774 ext. 111

Youth and Alumni Assistant Manager: Maria “Lulu” Torres
214-744-6774 ext. 117

Kitchen Chef: Eva Ramos
214-744-6774 ext. 105

Kitchen Cook: Maria Rojas
214-744-6774 ext. 105

Security: TBD
214-744-6774 ext. 105

Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Online No Prescription

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