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Tadalafil Tastylia orally disintegrating strips - Buy discount tastylia (tadalafil) online

Thanks to all the sponsors who supported us this past year.

2009 Mission Ole Sponsors

We are grateful to all the individuals and companies who have graciously underwritten Mission Olé benefiting Trinity River Mission.


Nancy Ann and Ray Hunt


Frederick M. & Lisa Blue Baron
Nuel Cates
Daily Commercial Record


David & Ronda Criss
Law Office of David Criss
Mr. and Mrs. William Hill


Majel & Ronnie Beall
Dr. H. Doug & Molly Barnes
Eyemart Express, LTD
Jerry Farrington
Margaret Folsom
Bobby Lyle
Cynthia & Forrest Miller
Deedie and Rusty Rose Schooler
Kellogg & Company
Southwest Securities, Inc.
Texas Capital Bank
Harvey Wiggins


Nelly Rocha Andresen
LouAnn & Jeff Bode
Tammy Chambless
David & Alison Elmquist
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Estess
Cassie & Mike Herrington
Kate & Jeff Hoedebeck
Don Kubala
Sarah Losinger
Mr. & Mrs. David Martineau
Carolyn & Karl Rathjen
Kelli Freeman & Ben Rathjen
Debby & Webb Spradley
Tracy & Scott Wallingford
A Special Thank You


Trinity River Mission would like to thank the following individuals and companies for their generous donations to the Mission Olé event.

Bacardi USA
Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Wendy Krispin Caterer, Inc.
MDVC Creative
Modern Luxury Magazine
Ann and Matt Schooler

We apologize if we have omitted or misspelled any names. Please notify us and we will correct the error.

Thank You to Our Sponsors for the Past Year          

Law Office of David Criss
William and Susan Behrendt
Bill and Angela Linburg
Ben Spurgin Insurance Agency, Inc.
Jim and Genie Bentley
The Dallas Foundation
Lone Star Container Sales Corp.
Don and Rose Marie Benton
The Rees-Jones Foundation
Bobby B. Lyle
Bricklin A. Bernard
Margaret and Leon Walker Communities Foundation
Barbara Berry
ExxonMobil Foundation
David and Kathleen Ryan McLaurin
Jimmy D. and Christine Sanner Berry
Ray and Nancy Hunt
Debi Moses
Russell and Karen Bibby
J.W. Bagley Foundation
David Munson
M. Bjornson
The Harold Simmons Foundation
David and Jeannie Nethery
Mollie Bobo
The M.R. & Evelyn Hudson Foundation
North Texas Food Bank
Jeff and LouAnn Bode
Office Depot
Michael M. Boone
Capital One
Tom or Kelly Railsback
Fred L. Boothe
Citigroup Foundation
Benjamin and Kelli Freeman Rathjen
Carla Jean Bostick
Communities Foundation of Texas
Rose, Rusty and Deedie
Don Bowles
Donald J. & Linda J. Carter
Fund of CFT
Matthew and Ann Kellogg Schooler
Kevin and Tracy Brand
Chris and Ashlee Kleinert
Southwest Securities Inc
Sheila K. Brannon
Lovers Lane United Methodist Church
Webb and Debby Spradley
Justin Brown
The Hoak Foundation
Gary B. Stephens
Lance E. and Gloria Campos Brown
The Hoglund Foundation
Terralux Studios
Stuart and Carla Bush
Lou Ann and Sean Terry
Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages
Folsom Charitable FDTN Inc.
The Rosewood Foundation
Gwendolyn F. Campbell
Bill and Janet Hill
Charles E. and Beth V. Thoele
Channing Cass
Jeff and Judy Hinson
James R. Thornton
Nuel and Nancy Cates
Jackson Walker L.L.P.
Tracy and Scott Wallingford
Martin W. and Bettie J Halsell Foundation
Max Williams
W. J. Chambless
Seward Family Foundation
Jennifer A. Cheatham
Texas Instruments
Fidelmar and Gabriela Aguilar
James and Betty Christiansen
The Who Foundation
Diana Aguirre
Deborah Clark
Trinity Industries, Inc.
Scott and Misty Alvis
Randy and Gail Parrigin Clark
American Group Insurance Service Inc.
Dave and Katie Coligado
Brinker International
Bud Applebaum
John and Lori Collins
King and Carolyn Buckner
Eva Mae Armstrong
Charles and Catalina Cooper
Tammy Chambless
Susan C. Arnett
Cooper, Sharon A.
Comerica Bank
Barbara Arnswald
Stanley and Tammy Copeland
George Cooley
Victor Aves
Jay and Lorri Cousino
Daily Commercial Record
Jhon and Mayra Azcona
Christopher and Carla Cree
Elmquist, David (office)
Laura Baez
David and Rhonda Criss
Ronald Elmquist
David and Katherine Bailie
Margaret Crow
Henry and Sandra Estess, Jr.
Jennifer Banda
Mollie A. Crow
Jerry and Linda Farrington
Margaret Bannister
Jeanne Culver
Gibbs, James A. (Work)
Robert and Theresa Barnes
Dallas Faith Communities Coalition
Anthony and Dolores Sosa Green
Walt W. Barnes
Matt and Christina Daniel
Harriet Halsell
Jarred Bassman
Janet C. and Tom Daulton
Jerry Hardison
James and Gloria Bates
Gary and Marla Davis
Joyce and Larry Lacerte
Charles W. Beck II
Billy and Frances Day
Anna G. De Haro
Frank and Franne Jackson
Jack Myers
Mario and Judy Del Puerto
James G. Jamison
Sandy Nachman
Rodger E. Denison
Janet Moclovclak
Nan and Steve
Thomas W. Dickey
Judy Jensen
Diane and Kenneth Naquin
Bryan L. and Leslie Diers
Jose and Silvia Jimenez
National Network Services Inc.
Nicole DiRocco
Philip G. and Sue P. John
Janet Neal
Helen Dorsey
Barbara Johnson


Sheryl Ned
Angela K. Downing
Mike and Alexandria Johnson
Ronald and Patricia Eitzen
Andrew and Savannah Jones
Clayton and Rita Newman
James C Emery
R. Ellwood and Ann Jones
Dennis and Pam Newton
Pat and Theron Ewert
JPMorgan Chase Foundation Matching Gift
Peter and Judy Noble
Doug and Courtney Ferguson
Theresa Canales Jud
A. J. Norman
Juan Fernandez
Warren and Jil Katz
Michael and Teri Nurre
Donald Flatt
Mary Kelsoe
Jenifer Oats
Carlos Flores
L. Franklin Kemp
Danny and Dawn Oberst
James W. Freeman
Didi Kidder
Thomas and Wanda O’Connor
Duncan and Kay Fulton III
Robert and Susan Kimball
Lisa Oglesby Rocha
Debra Galligher
George and Kristin Kline
Blanca Olivarez
Guadalupe Gaona
Ralph D. Kopplin
Scott and Becky Palmer
Bryan and Heidi Garner
Donald R. Kubala
Leslie A. Parks
Pam Glusing
Hanna H. Land
Jean Patton
Angelica Gonzales
Joan McMurrey Lane
Mark Paul
Gustavo Gonzales
Bettina and Herman Lang
Tom and Cindy Peel
Al Gonzalez
Peter Larson
Vicky Piccola
Audrey S. Legatowicz
Michael Pipes
Evan and Susan Griffiths
Don Linebarger
Brian and Anna Marie Ewert Pittman
Jay Grogan
Norman O. and Kathie Poff
Diane Gross
Harris Logan
Allen and Mary Gulledge
Matilda B. Louree
Ellen Pryor
Chad and Amy Guthiere
Mary Lozano
Steve and Diana Howard Pully
Martha Ann Guy
David Luther
Terry F. Quan
Jim and Judy Hanson
Ben and Karan Marshall
Jesus Ramon
Genevieve T. Harris
Robert J. and Mary Ann Marshall
Eva Ramos
Frank Harrison
David and Sara Martineau
Dan and Betty Reardon
Margaret E. Haynes
Deisy Martinez
Chuck and Karen Reeder
Diana and John Herrera
Patty Martinez
John Reichenback
Mike and Cassie Herrington
Ken and Tanya McDonald
Robert W. Baird & Co.
Tom Hesler
Cappy and Janie McGarr
Charles H. Robertson
Jim and Janet Heutel
S. M. McGehee
J T and Carolyn Rogers
Harry G. Hill
Dennis and Melissa McGrath
Gene Rummel
Jim Hitt
A.E. McMillan
James A. Russell Jr
Jeff and Kate Hoedebeck
Catherine McNally
Deborah Ryan
Eric M. Hohn
Safeway/Tom Thumb
Elizabeth Horn
Juan and Carla Medrano
Marla C. Savant
Lanny Houillion
Mike Honea Insurance Agency
Michael and Nancy Sawicki
Walter W. & Iolanda C. Hoy
Mircea V. Negra
Alan Schneider
Joe or Wendy Huber
Diane Banquer Moore
Lynda L. Scurlock
Bert and Jolie Humphrey
George Moore
Christy Sears
Kristen Moore
Susan Sedberry
Richard and Gwen Irwin
Jerold Muth
Colleen Sims
Duffy and Susan Slade
Alice Snavely
Luis Spinola
Alice W. Spradley
Ben O. Spurgin
St. Rita School
Matthew Stevens
Scott Stewart
Wendy M. Struck
Delores Stuckey
Susan Behrendt
LLC Talk Active
William K. Tapscott
The Donachie Foundation
The Hartford
Jimmy Thomas
Ralph Thornton
Doris A. Tomlin
Angela C. Trosper
Lupe Valdez
Peter and Irma Vargas
Katerine Venson
Jeanie Virden
John R. and Linda Vorhies
Aaron and Ann Wansbrough


Tastylia (Tadalafil) Buy 20 MG to download the 08-09 donors list, includes the donor levels and amounts.

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