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Summa Cum Laude

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Magna Cum Laude

Bill and Lydia Addy

Chris and Lesley Chambless

Hoblitzelle Foundation

Lowe’s Foundation

The Meadows Foundation

George and Fay Young Foundation, Inc.

Cum Laude


Cliff and Gail Fischer

Nancy Ann and Ray Hunt

The Laughlin-Beers Foundation

James and Margaret Spellings


Anonymous Capital for Kids Franklin and Barbara Lloyd
Atmos Energy Capital One John and Janet Mockovciak
AVANCE Dallas, Inc., Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas, and The Institute for Mexicans Abroad Katherine C. Carmody Charitable Trust The Moody Foundation
J.W. Bagley Foundation Elizabeth Toon Charities Neiman Marcus Foundation Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas
Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation ORIX Foundation
Gale C. Brown Estate Fluor Foundation TEB Foundation
John and Faith Burke The M.R. & Evelyn Hudson Foundation Texas Capital Bank


Ambit Energy Holdings, LLC Koonce Family Foundation
Anonymous Ken and Tanya McDonald
The Baldridge Foundation The New York Community Trust
BBVA Compass Pitney Bowes Foundation
Mr. Clayton Elliott, Clee & Olivia ElliottChildren’s Foundation Donald C. Potts
Jim and Judy Gibbs Texas Instruments, Inc.
Mr. Al G. Hill, Jr. Wells Fargo
Independent Bank of Texas West Dallas Foundation, Inc.
Chris and Belle Joyner Harvey and Tracy Wiggins
Junior League of Dallas



Comerica Bank Paige McDaniel
Mark and Evelyn Costolo Eric and Katherine Reeves
The Dallas Foundation Seward Family Foundation
Enterprise Holdings Foundation The Trinity Commons Foundation
Jerry and Linda Farrington Charles and Beth Thoele
Highland Park United Methodist Church Gil and Dody Weaver Foundation
HIS BridgeBuilders Michele and Nicholas Woodcock


 Fidel and Gabriela Aguilar  Thomas Harvey  Kristen Parrish
 Diana Aguirre Chaney Hatcher  Anisha Patel
Jo Allen Margaret Haynes Christina Payne
Taylor and Kendra Allen James Hecker  Bonnie Pearson
Bradley and Paula Allgood Jennifer Henry  Natalie Peck
Scott and Misty Alvis Rosario Heppe  Tom and Cindy Peel
Amazon Smile Donna Hester PepsiCo
Chris Andersen Jim and Janet Heutel Jazmin Perez
Amber Andregg Neiman and Lance Hill Katherine Phillips
Steve Andrews Hispanic 100 of Dallas Hector Pimentel
Annie L. Stevens Fund of The Dallas Foundation The Hoffman Family Charitable Trust The Pittsburgh Foundation
Anonymous The Hoglund Foundation Angelica Portillo
 Joan Arison  Christopher and Ann Holtby Josue Portugal Ortiz
Cindy Armlin  Sandra Hon Cynthia Prater
Eva Mae Armstrong Patrick and Susan Howard Sandy Price
Jon Arnett Thomas and Mary Kay Hudspeth Steve and Alexis Prochnow
Mark Austin Caazena Hunter Carol Jane and Ronald Proctor
Victor and Stephanie Aves Joy Hunter Lisa Proctor
John Baer George and Betty Hyde Will and Ellen Pryor
Kyle Bailey Insperity Support Services Terry Quinn
Jennifer Banda Vann Meghan Irwin Raising Cane’s
 Glen Banks Richard and Gwen Irwin Paula Ramirez
 James Barker  Carrie Ives  Eva Ramos
Barbara Barnes  Jim Ivy Pamela Ravare-Jones
Beaird Family Foundation Frank and Franne Jackson  Coleen Referente
Lisa Bell Franne Jackson Alisha Remek
Don and Rose Marie Benton Lee Jackson Rick Rexing
Kenneth Berman Samuel Jackson Don and Hedi Reynolds
Lisa Bhattacharya Augustine Jalomo Jean Reynolds
Gail Blakeney Al James Carlotta Rhoades
Bluebonnet Waste James G. Jamison Summer Richards
Jonathan Bollozos Jose and Silvia Jimenez Maria C. Rivera
 Anita Booker  Nailah Johns  Scott and Linda Robins
Michael Boone Craig Johnson Caron Robinson
Toni Boone Justin Johnson Trevor Rockhill
Michael Bowling Stephanie Johnson Maria Rojas
Caroline Boyd Susan Johnson René Rosser
Clint Bradley Fred and Elizabeth Jones Howard Rouse
Kelli Brazzel Martin Karnett Roxanne M. Casseb
Skip Broussard Tierney Kaufman Eric Russell
Debbie Brown Guy and Laura Kellogg Lawrence Ruzicka
Amy Bruns Louis Franklin and Patricia Kemp Safeway/Tom Thumb
 Jane Bryant  David Kern Jan M. Salas
 King and Carolyn Buckner Emily Kettlewell Juan and Julie Salas
The Budd Center Barbara Key Judy Saldana
Catherine Burchfield Dan and Susan Killian Salmon Sims Thomas & Associates, PLLC
Lisa Camel  Jane Kim Susan Sanchez
Meagan Caots Robert and Susan Kimball  Brian and Kelly Schadt
Betsy Capps Kimberly Clark Jon Schleyer
Clint and Nancy Carlson Kelly King The School Zone
Fredric Carman John and Carol Klocek Mark and Ann Schooler
Nancy and Gene Carter Lane and Melody Kramer Matt and Ann Schooler
 Cari Catts  The Kroger Company  Theodore and Stephanie Schweinfurth
Dave Catts Matthew Kruse Scott Yung LLP
CBRE Foundation, Inc. Donald R. Kubala Shayloh Scott
James H. Chambers Eve Kyomya Christy Sears
Tammy Chambless Joyce and Larry Lacerte David Sedlock
An Chau Quinn Lacy Elizabeth Shorey
Rosaerlinda Cisneros James Lancaster Connie Short
Candance Clary Joan Lane Barton and Elizabeth Showalter
Sheridan Coerver Virginia and Richard Lanham Brian Shultz
Dave and Katie Coligado Matt and Annamari Lannon Daniel Simon
 John M. and Lori Collins  Joe and Sharon Larkin  Rachel Simon
John M. Collins, Jr. Bret Lathwell Bill and Lisa Sims
Sheri Collins Joye and Tim Lawson Barbara and Ronald Skalberg
Commit! Kenneth Lear Lueretha Slack
 Communities Foundation of Texas Cassandra Lee David and Anna Ruth Smith
Serena Connelly Anthony Lewis Joshua Smith
Terri Contreras Jazmine Lewis  Sharon Smith
Ronald Cook Virginia Lewis  Hamilton Sneed
Sharon Cooper  Lovers Lane UMC-UMW Webb and Debby Spradley
Aletha Coronado  Staci Long  Wade Stanley
 Danytza Corral  Claudia Lopez  Gary and Jeanne Stephens
Lawrence Cosby Gloria Lopez J. Quitman Stephens
Elaine Cowart Christina Losoya John Stephens
Evelyn Cox Lucretia Lucio Paul Stephens
Sandra Cruz Priscilla Luna John and Harriet Stoneham
Jeanne Culver Aisha Lusk Dan and Margaret Strother
Susan Cunyus Bobby B. Lyle Stan Sumner
Elizabeth Dacus Sarah Mallett Craig Sutton
Andrew Daudelin Alison Malone Kevin and Ellen Sutton
Paula Day Manuel Huerta Jill Tananbaum
 Lori Anna Dees, DDS MBA  Marty Marks  Anne Taylor
Dell Financial Services Michael and Neda Marks Texas Association for Infant Mental Health
Daniel Dempewolf Leonor Marquez Texas Instruments Foundation
Molly Diamond Ramirez Ben and Karan Marshall Nick Thoele
Dollar General Literacy Foundation Caroline Marsk John Thompson
Joel Durbin David and Sara Martineau Randy Tiegs
Karen Edwards Armando and Deisy Martinez Anne Todd
El Creative Glenda Martinez-Lopez Dorothy Anne Torres
 David and Alison Elmquist Mary Kay, Inc. Maria Torres
Henry and Sandra Estess Deborah Masterson Stephen and Laura Torres
 Pat Ewert  Missy Mathew  Jesse Trevino
 Jerry Farrington Richard and Brenda Mauldin Truist
Marcy Feagin Russell McFadden Jennifer Trulock
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Stephanie McGary  Margaret Trulock
Lindsay Fein Christine McKenny Jennifer Tseng
Jim Ferlin Brenda McWilliams Michael Tu
Jesse and Cynthia Ferrer Carla Medrano United Methodist Women-LLUMC
Daniel Fete Fabian and Graciela Medrano University of North Texas at Dallas
First United Methodist Church on Ross Juan and Carla Medrano US Bank
Randall and Olamaie Fojtasek Carolyn Melton Celestia Valdez
 Robert Folsom  Darcy and Brian Melton  Sharon Van Meter
 For Your Benefit, LLC Crystal Mendez  Jackie VanWagoner
Julia P. Forrester Lisette Mendez Edith Vazquez
Cara French Wendy Messmann Congressman Marc Veasey
Manuel and Christina Frias Forrest and Cynthia Miller Vickery Meadow Learning Center
Melanie Friemel Kawanise C. Mims  Betty Viguet
Duncan and Kay Fulton, III Diana Montoya The W.H.O. Foundation
Michael Gaither Eduardo Moreno  Tracy and Scott Wallingford
Michelle Galizia Andrew Mountain  Catharine Ward
James Garcia Robert Mundinger Jimmy and Judy Ward
 Trinidad Garza  Kevin Murray  Patricia Ward
Tricia M. George Craig Musgrove John and Cindy Ware
 Mary and John Gill Brian Nab Andrew Warren
Andrew Gillard  Sandy Nachman Rebecca Warren
Gilbert Glover Tiffany Nash Judy Watson
Mark Gober National Charity League Andrea Weber
Paul and Carolyn Goelzer Ruth-Anne Naughton Thomas Weichel
Goodsearch Russell Naylor  Tinky Weisblat
Thomas Goolsby Missy New West Dallas Community School
Nancy Gopez John Newton Daniel Whiteman
 Marsha and Doug Gordon  Christina Nichols  Jonathan Wickesham
Paul and Julia Gould  Lindsay Nickell Wiley Wilkins
Bonieta Gover Michael Nicketta Shareron Willis
Amber Green Greg Nieberding Carol Wilson
Anthony and Dolores Sosa Green Keith Nix Katie Wilson
Valencia Green A.J. Norman Aubrie Wolff
Vivian Green Northaven United Methodist Church Jackie Wood
 Diane Gross Eirin O’Crosby Katherine Wynne
Dachia Guatelli James O’Neil John Yarbrough
 Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Maria D. Ortiz
 Taylor Hanna  Barbara Owen  Gene Zhu
 Jim and Judy Hanson Breana Parker
Stephanie Hare  Delbert Parks

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