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Tastylia for sale, Buy Tastylia Oral Strip online no prescription

Mission Olé
Saturday, October 28, 2017
Chicken Scratch & The Foundry
2303 Pittman Street Dallas, Texas 75208

Tastylia for sale, Buy Tastylia Oral Strip online no prescription

Sponsor information must be received by Friday, September 8, 2017

Tastylia without prescription

Chairs: Ann Kellogg Schooler and Margaret Spellings
Honorary Chairs: Lisa and Clay Cooley
Auction Chair: Heather Randall
Past Chairs: Gail Corder Fischer and Cindy Turner


Celebrating our 2016 Mission Olé

MissionOle2016Collage-2The 17th annual Mission Olé 2016 was a fun-filled Dia de los Muertos-themed fiesta that lit up West Dallas! Complete with mariachi, bewitching living statues, delicious food and drink provided by Chicken Scratch and The Foundry, and amazing silent and live auction items, guests danced the night away supporting our TRM students.

And, best of all, TRM netted nearly $317,000 — 203% MORE than last year and a record-breaking year for TRM!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Tastylia for sale, Buy Tastylia Oral Strip online no prescription

Honorary Chair: Gail Corder Fischer

Past Chair: Cindy Turner

Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors:

La Calavera Catrina Patron


El Presidente Patron

Ambit Energy Holdings, LLC

Fundación Patron

Nancy Ann and Ray Hunt

Fiesta Patrons

Fischer & Company

Margaret and Jaime Spellings

Celebración Patrons

Faith and John Burke

Lisa and Clay Cooley

Tanya and Ken McDonald

Ann and Matt Schooler

Viva Patrons

Lydia and Bill Addy

The Baldridge Foundation

Al G. Hill, Jr.

Barbara and Franklin Lloyd

Nancy and Jim Skochdopole

Carolyn and Jere Thompson, Jr.

Comunidad Patrons

Karen and Mark Carney

Belle and Chris Joyner

Lottye and Bobby Lyle

The Honorable Judge Craig and Michele Smith

Tracy and Harvey Wiggins

Familia Patrons

Kendra and Taylor Allen Neiman Marcus NorthPark
Nancy and Gene Carter J.M. Haggar, Jr. Family Foundation
Serena Connelly The Perfect Image By Lisa Rowe
Kathleen and Murray Covens Donald C. Potts
Elizabeth Fischer, Cassidy and Ford Fischer, and Chad Fischer Deedie Rose
Folsom Charitable Foundation Saville Dodgen & Company, PLLC
The Hoffman Family Charitable Fund Debby and Webb Spradley
Abbie and Chris Milisci Beth and Chuck Thoele
Jennifer Trulock and BJ Moore Tonti Properties
Jennifer and Jon Mosle

Amigo Patrons

Dr. and Mrs. Don R. Benton Dr. and Mrs. Mack Lancaster
Sharon and Steve Bishop Sara and David Martineau
Sally and Mark Dietz Dr. and Mrs. Russ McDonald
Dr. and Mrs. Don Drennon Dr. Honor Franklin and Dr. Bobby Mitchell
Kim and Jim Erickson Greg Nieberding and Eddie Ortega
ExponentHR Dr. and Mrs. Greg Redish
Sandy Price and Frankie Flores Michele and Shad Rowe
Tricia M. George Julie and Trem Smith
Jane and Greg Greene Kristi and Darrell Starkweather
Susan and Pat Howard The Stephen R. and Virginia G.LaSala

Charitable Account of the

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Karen and Eric Johnstone Jere W. Thompson
Paula Marie and Jeff Jones Dr. and Mrs. Gary Turner
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Katz Bonnie and Ted Uzelac
Barbara and Colin Kerwin Dr. and Mrs. Tim R. Valek
Lisa and Stephen Khoury CiCi and Giffen Weinmann
Kline Family Foundation Michele and Nick Woodcock

Media Patron

My Sweet Charity

Design Patron

El Creative

Print Patron

Digital 3 Printing, LLC

Special Thanks to Donations Made in Honor of Gail C. Fischer

Sherry and Allen Adams Lydia and Dan Novakov
Sharon and Steve Bishop Jeri and Chris Peasner
Nancy and Gene Carter Maureen and Greg Redish
Judy and Dale Clemments Carol and Mike Resnick
The Hoffman Family Charitable Fund Cindy and Gary Turner
Susan and Pat Howard Hillary Turner
Pam and Walter Kirychuk Rene and Tim Valek
Caroline and Mack Lancaster Lauryn Gayle White
Jeanne and Russ McDonald Katherine Wynne
Dr. Honor Franklin and Dr. Bobby Mitchell

Special Thanks to Donations Made in Honor of Margaret Spellings

Jennifer and Jon Mosle

Special Thanks

Jeff Biehler Scott Murray
Cari Catts Greg Nieberding
Danielle Chambless René Rosser
Lesley Chambless Ann Schooler
Michael Gonzalez Margaret Spellings
Dolores Sosa Green Cindy Turner
Michelle Mora-Lopez Terry Van Willson

Tastylia Spain

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