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Family Connection is a new program that rewards families for giving back to their community, improving themselves through education, and supporting the development of educational success in their children and future generations. The idea of Family Connection truly began with the parents of the students of TRM in February 2005. Many parents expressed a strong desire to give back to TRM for the services and goods received. They no longer wanted to receive free handouts, but merely wanted to earn them, set a good example for their children, and to increase parental involvement.

All families who have children enrolled in TRM’s educational programs are welcome to participate in Family Connection. Families complete a minimum of 60 volunteer hours per year. Each member of the family can earn volunteer hours through a variety of volunteer and educational opportunities offered at TRM or in the local community. For the most part, parents can easily earn volunteer hours by taking ESL and/or GED classes, volunteering in their children’s school, attending PTA and parent conference meetings, and, of course, volunteering their time at TRM. Families who meet minimum volunteer hour requirements receive school supplies and/or school uniforms in August for each child before the school year begins. In early December, each family receives Christmas gifts such as toys, clothing, shoes, and personal and household needs which TRM ensures are equitable among all families. During a festive Christmas gathering held at TRM, families receive their gifts, have their gifts wrapped by volunteers, and have the opportunity to safely meet and personally thank the donors who adopted them.

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